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Mineral Specimens Recovered From The Blue Lady Mine
Blue Lady Mine - Aquamarine Beryl. Mark Carter collection.
Blue Lady Mine Quartz Tourmaline Clevelandite. Mark Carter collection.
Blue Lady Mine - Morganite Beryl and Quartz matrix. Found by Bill Magee and shown in the video. Now on exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History Mineral Museum.
Quartz / Tourmaline / Clevelandite / Morganite
On exhibit at the Los Angeles County
Museum of Natural History Mineral Museum
Blue Lady Mine - Feldspar Quartz Tourmaline. Mark Carter collection.
Blue Lady Mine - Aquamarine Beryl. Mark Carter collection.
Pegmatite Gem Miners

Mark Carter - Frank Hines - Blue Shepard - Tom Michaud - Stewart Mine Mark Carter - Frank Hines - Blue Shepard - Tom Michaud - Stewart Mine Mark Carter - Frank Hines - Blue Shepard - Tom Michaud - Stewart Mine
Mark Carter Bio 11-6-53 - TBD Bill Magee Bio 10-5-1915 - 12-25-83 68 years

Ay Caramba Colombia


South America
Tiwanaku & Puma Punku Bolivia - Cartagena Colombia - Belo Horizonte Brazil - Machu Picchu Peru


Cambodia - Zircon and the Angkor Wat Tempels

Alexandrite - what you need to know!

The Last C17's Salute Before Leaving The Long Beach Faciity Where The C17 Was Built

The Latest On Black Holes - Before They Actually Photographed One 50 Million Light Years Away in 2019

A word about mysterious places and ancient civilizations. The things someone did with stone thousands of years ago is incredible. Even more incredible is that there are examples of this type of handy work on all 6 continents. Are you into ancient aliens? How about explanations as to how they sculpted giant stones? Check out the links to see how some contend these mysteries are connected.Puma Punku Bolivia

The map shows the proximity of the sites in Peru and Bolivia that contain some terrific examples of these mysteries. There must be a reason for this. I think there is more to be found in the region that has remained hidden for all these years. This demands more exploration!

Now let me blow your mind!
Try to wrap your head around this.

The earth spins at 1000 miles per hour at the equator.

The earth rotates around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.

The sun is rotating around the galaxy at about 559,000 miles per hour (250 km/s according to Vera Rubin, the lady who discovered this in the 1970's). In fact, the majority of the suns in all galaxies rotate around their respective black hole very close to this same speed. One would expect the rotation to be much like our solar system where the outer planets rotate slower and the inner planets rotate faster. Not so for the stars in a galaxy. Stars, at many varying distances from the black hole at the galaxy center, are all rotating at the same speed. This results in the pinwheel shapes common to most galaxies. No one really knows exactly why this is. It is being explained as the result of dark matter.

Our galaxy, along with the local group of galaxies, is moving through space at about 1,340,000 miles per hour.

Astronomers speculate that space is expanding at about 152,112 miles per hour.

Add it all up and we are traveling through space at more than 2,000,000 miles per hour. Other estimates say upwards of 2.8 million miles per hour. That is somewhere between 550 and 800 miles per second. In any case it is fast - damn fast.

It's hard to imagine traveling that fast. It's impossible to relate to these speeds especially when we feel like we are not moving at all.

As a comparison, the speed of light is 6.706e+8 mph or 670,600,000 miles per hour which is about 671 million miles per hour or about 186,000 miles per second.

That is about 300 times faster than we are traveling through space.


Mark has had a theory for a very long time. We know from Albert Einstein that time and space are relative and therefore are not constant. Affecting one affects and changes the other. Gravity warps space and also affects time. Speed also affects time. Time runs slower wherever gravity is strongest. This is because gravity curves space-time. Also, the faster the relative velocity between two people or places, the greater the time dilation between one another. The rate of time diminishes to zero as one approaches the speed of light. This effect is not linear. It is exponential. For sufficiently high speeds this effect is dramatic. For example, a persons perceived one year of travel near the speed of light might correspond to ten years of time on Earth. That said, our time here on earth is influenced by speed because, as you now know, we are traveling through space at somewhere around 2+ million miles per hour. So we can see that our perceived time is slower than the time of something standing still in space. We also know on earth we are influenced by the gravity of the earth, the sun, and the galaxy we are traveling through space in so our perceived time is also slowed by all that gravitational influence. This effect is also exponential where higher gravitational influence cause the most dramatic effects. Adding up the slowing of our time as a result of our speed and the gravity that is influencing us means that our perceived time is slower than actual time in space without these influences. So, when we look out into the universe, we see the universe not only expanding but speeding up (accelerating) because our time is running slower than what we are looking at. Therefore, Mark doubts that the speed of galaxies in the universe are accelerating away from one another as scientist's have speculated. The universe is expanding, maybe, but not accelerating. Mark has been preaching this concept for years. Some think this concept is genius a most think it is nuts. What do you think?

Moving on - they say the H0liCOW estimate puts the Hubble constant at about 71.9 kilometers (44.7 miles) per second per megaparsec (one megaparsec equals about 3.3 million light-years). In 2001, Dr. Wendy Freedman determined space to expand at 72 kilometers per second per megaparsec - roughly 3.3 million light years - meaning that for every 3.3 million light years further away from the earth you are, the matter where you are, is moving away from earth 72 kilometers a second faster. In 2015, another team, using observations of the cosmic microwave background, determined the rate was 67.8 kilometers per second per megaparsec. Time dilation in a gravitational field is equal to time dilation in far space, due to a speed that is needed to escape that gravitational field.
Here is the proof:

Dilation equation         Dilation graph       

A 110 carat yellow diamond named the ‘Cora Sun-Drop’ and was offered for sale at an auction on November 15, 2011 by Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels in Geneva, Switzerland   Blue-Diamond 29.6 carat found in Cullinan Mine South Africa.jpg